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Check it out! The Importance of a Halal Supervisor for Business Actors in the Halal Certification Process

Assalamu’alaikum Sobat Halal-Mu

There are still many business actors when they want to register their products for halal certification are constrained by the Halal Supervisor requirements.

Who is a Halal Supervisor

Halal Supervisor is the person responsible for the Halal Product Process (PPH) of a company or business.

Based on Government Regulation No. 39 of 2021, the halal supervisor is an internal person from the company who is fully responsible for the halal product process.

The regulation also requires every company to have a halal supervisor to be assigned to ensure the running of the halal product process in the company.

A Halal Supervisor must be Muslim and have sufficient competence and insight, as well as understanding the Sharia law related to PPH in the company.

Duties of the Halal Supervisor

A Halal Supervisor has the following duties:

  1. Supervise PPH in the Company
  2. Determine corrective and preventive actions
  3. Coordinating PPH
  4. Accompanying the Halal Auditor during the inspection

The presence of a Halal Supervisor is certainly needed. With the presence of a halal supervisor who has competence and credibility in a company, it is expected that the quality of halal products will be maintained consistently from time to time.

In carrying out their duties, halal supervisors must be able to ensure that all ingredients and production processes carried out actually meet PPH criteria.

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