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Regular Halal Certification Requirements Document

Assalamu’alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Your Halal Friends. Before applying for halal certification through regular channels, there are several required documents that must be fulfilled, you know.

Halal certification is not difficult if HalalMu friends meet the following Regular Route Halal Certification requirements:

  1. HalalMu friends must fill out the Application Letter and upload it to their SiHalal account. You can download the letter format at

2. HalalMu friends must fill in the Registration Form and upload it to their SiHalal account (Mandatory for Slaughter Services). You can download the registration form format at

3. It is mandatory to have an NIB as a legal aspect, which can be filled in at SiHalal.

4. The Halal Supervisor documents that must be fulfilled are:

5. Decree of Determination of Halal Supervisor

6. Copy of KTP

7. Curriculum Vitae

These three documents were uploaded to SiHalal in 1 file.

A Halal Supervisor is required to practice Islam and have a Training Certificate and Halal Supervisor Competency Test.

The list of product names can be filled in on SiHalal.

The list of products and materials used must be uploaded to SiHalal in a format that you can download at

Fill out the SJPH (Halal Product Guarantee System) manual and upload it to SiHalal. You can download the SJPH format at

Distribution permit or SLHS or Sanitation Hygiene Eligibility Certificate (if any), uploaded on SiHalal.

Those are the eight requirements that HalalMu friends must fulfill. May Allah SWT make the process easier and bless our good intentions. Amen yaa Rabbal’alamin.

Source: Halal Certification | Halal Product Assurance Organizing Body

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