Vision, Mission and Goals

  1. Vision and Mission

The vision of the Muhammadiyah Association:

As an Islamic movement that is guided by the Qur’an and As-Sunnah. With its tajdid character, it is always istiqomah and active in carrying out Islamic da’wah amal ma’ruf nahi mungkar in all fields so that it becomes Rahmatan Lil-alamin for the ummah, nation and world of humanity towards the creation of a truly Islamic society that is blessed by Allah SWT in life in this world.

The Mission of the Muhammadiyah Association:

  1. Upholding the pure belief of monotheism in accordance with the teachings of Allah SWT brought by the Prophet Muhammad SAW which was legislated from Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) to Prophet Muhammad SAW.
  2. Understanding religion by using reason in accordance with the soul of Islamic teachings to answer and solve worldly life problems.
  3. Disseminating Islamic teachings sourced from the Al – Qur’an as the last book of Allah SWT for mankind as an explanation.
  4. Realising Islamic practices in personal, family and community life.

In accordance with Muhammadiyah’s Vision and Mission, namely increasing synergy with all components of the ummah, nation and international partnerships in order to create progressive social institutions for the growth and development of Islamic values in Indonesia as Muhammadiyah’s goal while continuing to improve the quality of the Association and business charities on an ongoing basis. So that the Vision and Mission of LPH-KHT Muhammadiyah is to become a capable and credible Halal Inspection Institute and have integrity in implementing the vision and mission of Muhammadiyah. This vision and mission, its operation is carried out by maintaining and ensuring that the products / or services consumed by consumers / users, both Muslim and non-Muslim, are halal and thoyyib (halal, quality, healthy and safe).

The development programme as a derivative of the vision of LPH – KHT Muhammadiyah are as follows:

  1. Movement System: Building Halal Examining Institutions (LPH) and Quality, Safety and Halal Assurance Institutions to ensure Muhammadiyah citizens and Muslims in general in obtaining halal and thoyyib products and services.
  2. Organisation and Leadership: Strengthening the leadership and institutional capacity of LPH-KHT in carrying out the Vision and Mission of Muhammadiyah responsive and Proactive related to the issue of Halalan Thayyiban.
  3. Network: Increase networking with national, regional and international halal institutions, as well as halal-related institutions to strengthen the halal da’wah network played by Muhammadiyah.
  4. Resources: Organising the development of the quality and competence of cadres owned by Muhammadiyah to carry out Muhammadiyah’s mission in the field of halal and quality
  5. Service Action: Facilitating the needs of citizens and Muhammadiyah related to halal product assurance.

2. Goals

The purpose of the Muhammadiyah Association:

  1. To uphold and uphold the religion of Islam so as to realise the true Islamic society, namely a tawhid society that is moderate, exemplary, inclusive and tolerant, solid and caring for others.
  2. Awareness of carrying out the mandate as a representative of Allah SWT on Earth in charge of creating prosperity, security, comfort and harmony.
  3. Spreading Islam, both through education and social activities.
  4. Straightening out deviant beliefs and eliminating actions that are considered by Muhammadiyah as heresy.

LPH-KHT Muhammadiyah is an institution under the control of the Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah which was formed as a response to the Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah (PPM) to the implementation of the Republic of Indonesia Law No. 33 year 2014 concerning Halal Product Assurance has been passed and will be implemented through a mandatory halal certification mechanism in 2024. In article 12 of Law No. 33 year 2014, LPH has the same opportunity to assist BPJPH in examining and / or testing the halalness of Products.