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Hospitals Must be Halal Certified

Assalamu’alaikum Sobat Halal-Mu

Do you know that hospitals are required to have a halal certificate? As a majority Muslim country, Indonesia should pay attention to the needs of its citizens in consuming halal products and services, one of which is halal health services.

Drugs, biological products and medical devices that enter, circulate and are traded in the territory of Indonesia must be halal certified. Medicines, biological products and medical devices that are certified halal must come from halal materials and methods of manufacture in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Not only in the pharmaceutical aspect, but also in the “kitchen” Hospital or nutrition installation must be halal certified. Food ingredients that will be processed to be served to patients undergoing hospitalization, have gone through food selection and processing according to halal standards.

The government through the Halal Product Assurance Orgaizing Body (BPJPH) has launched Mandatory Halal October (WHO) 2024. On October 18, 2024 products that must be halal certified are food, beverages, raw materials, food additives and auxiliary materials for food and beverage products as well as slaughter services and slaughter products.

“And eat lawful and wholesome food from that which Allah has provided for you, and fear Allah, in whom you believe” QS. Al-Maidah (5): 88.

By consuming halal food and drinks that are good again, it is hoped that patients will get blessings from Allah SWT and get their own comfort so as to accelerate the healing process.

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