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Ruling on Extracting Honey from Beehives

Assalamu’alaikum Sobat Halal-Mu

Honey is a product produced by bees, derived from flower nectar which is sucked by bees. In the process of extracting honey, there may be bees or larvae that later die mixed with honey.

Honey is a liquid containing sugar substances produced by bees from the source of flower nectar which they suck and place at the top of the hive. Bee larvae are bee pupae that have hatched from eggs. Honey extraction is the purification of honey by separating it from the honeycomb, then grinding or squeezing and filtering it so that it becomes clean from elements other than honey.

What is the ruling on the purity and halalness of honey mixed with bees and/or larvae during honey extraction?

  1. Honey is pure and halal as long as it is not mixed with bee carcasses, larvae and/or other unclean objects.
  2. Bee carcasses and larvae are unclean.
  3. Extraction of honey must ensure that it is not mixed with bee carcasses, larvae, and/or other unclean objects.
  4. If the honey to be extracted is found to be mixed with bee carcasses or larvae, the honey must be cleaned by removing the bee carcasses and/or larvae.
  5. If the cleaning referred to in number 4 is very difficult to do (ta’assur/ta’adzdzur) and the amount is relatively small, the impurity is excused (ma’fu).

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Source: Fatwa MUI Nomor: 19 Tahun 2021 Tentang Hukum Ekstrasi Madu Dari Sarang Lebah

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