Halal Certification

Procedures for Handling Customer Complaints and Appeals

This procedure is to be implemented to handle customer complaints that may occur within the Muhammadiyah LPH-KHT environment related to products, processes and quality management systems.

Customers can submit and convey complaints through the Complaint Submission media (Customer Complaint Form).

We will identify every customer complaint we provide and take action to handle it.

If the complaint is related to the Halal Inspection Institute (LPH) then what we do is:
a. Investigate the cause of the complaint and plan for follow-up.
b. Respond to customers regarding complaints submitted.
c. Evaluate submitted customer complaints.

Business actors can independently submit complaints to LPH-KHT Muhammadiyah’s media, namely:
a. Website https://www.eng.lphkhtmuhammadiyah.or.id
b. System Application http://www. https://apps.lphkhtmuhammadiyah.or.id/
c. Email lphkht@muhammadiyah.id
d. Office telephone 021 – 213 929 34
e. Whatsapp hotline +62 812 1100 3241

If both parties (LPH-KHT Muhammadiyah and Business Actors) cannot find a solution to the problems that occur, then to resolve them through a third party, such as the Arbitration Board or Court.

The Main Director of LPH-KHT Muhammadiyah is responsible for resolving this problem through the third party until it is resolved.

All costs arising from resolving problems through a third party will be borne by both parties proportionally.

If the Business Actor feels disadvantaged as a result of the inspection activity, it will be resolved in accordance with the Accountability procedure, by first identifying the inspection period.

For complaints related to the implementation of the MUI Fatwa Commission session and the issuance of Halal Certificates by BPJPH, this complaint will be forwarded using an Exit Letter to External Parties, in this case the MUI Fatwa Commission or BPJPH.

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