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8 Important Points that Business Actors Should Pay Attention to regarding Product Packaging and Labeling

Assalamu’alaikum Sobat HalalMu

In the Decree of the Head of the Halal Product Guarantee Agency Number 20 of 2023 concerning Amendments to the Decree of the Head of the Halal Product Guarantee Agency Number 57 of 2021 concerning Criteria for the Halal Product Guarantee System.

The definition of products is goods and / or services related to food, beverages, drugs, cosmetics, chemical products, biological products, genetically modified products, as well as goods used, used, or utilized by the public. Halal products are products that have been declared halal in accordance with Islamic law.

Business Actors are individuals or business entities in the form of legal entities or not legal entities that carry out business activities in the territory of Indonesia.

Halal Label is a sign of the halalness of a product. Product packaging is a material used to contain and / or wrap products, whether in direct contact with the product or not.

There are eight (8) important points that must be considered by friends as business actors, namely related to product packaging and labeling.

  1. Business Actors are required to use packaging materials that are not made of or contain non-halal ingredients or contain materials that are not halal;
  2. Business Actors must package halal products in accordance with their contents. Products that are repacked or relabeled can be submitted for certification provided that the product has a BPJPH Halal Certificate or products included in products that are exempt from halal certified obligations.
  3. Business Actors must package carcass products using packaging that is clean, healthy, odorless, and does not affect the quality and safety of the meat;
  4. Business Actors must design packaging, signs, symbols, logos, names, and images that do not contradict Islamic law or contradict the ethics and decency prevailing and developing in the Community.
  5. Business Actors are required to include the Halal Label on products that have received a Halal Certificate on: 1) product packaging; 2) certain parts of the product; and 3) certain places on the product.
  6. Business Actors are required to include the Halal Label in a place that is easy to see and read, and not easily removed, removed, and tampered with;
  7. Inclusion of the Halal Label is exempted for: 1) Products whose packaging is too small so that it is impossible to include all the information; 2) Products that are sold and packaged directly in front of buyers in small quantities; and 3) Products that are sold in bulk form
  8. The application of the Halal Label inclusion is proven by a Halal Certificate document;

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