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What is Genetics Engineering and What is the Law of the Products it Produces?

Assalamu’alaikum Sobat Halal-Mu

In accordance with the provisions of Law Number 33 of 2015 concerning Halal Product Guarantee, all products that enter, circulate and are traded in Indonesia must be halal certified. There are 15 goods or services that must be halal certified, one of which is Genetic Engineering products.

What is genetic engineering? Genetic Engineering is the result of advances in science and technology. Genetic Engineering is the application of genetics for human benefit, namely the application of molecular biology techniques to change the genetic makeup in chromosomes or change the genetic expression system directed at certain benefits, whose objects include almost all classes of organisms, ranging from bacteria, fungi, low-level animals, high-level animals, to plants.

So, can genetically modified products be used for human benefit?

Hadith of the Prophet SAW “Salman al-Farisi said: The Messenger of Allah (SAW) was asked about ghee, cheese, and fur, and he said: Halal is what Allah has permitted in His Book, and forbidden is what He has forbidden in His Book, and what is not mentioned in either of them is permissible.” Ibn Majah, alBaihaqi, al-Hakim, at-Thabrani, and at-Tirmidzi

In MUI fatwa No. 35 of 2013, it is explained that Gene or DNA (Deoxyribose Nucleac Acid) is a substance that carries traits down from cell to cell, and generation to generation, located in chromosomes, which has properties, among others, as a separate material contained in chromosomes, contains genetic information, can determine the characteristics of an individual, and can duplicate itself in the event of cell division. Legal Provisions according to MUI Fatwa:

  1. Genetic engineering of animals, plants and microbes is permissible, provided that: it is done for benefit (beneficial); does not cause harm (mudharat), either to humans or the environment; and not using genes or other parts derived from the human body.
  2. Genetically modified plants are halal and may be used, provided that: beneficial; and not harmful; and
  3. Genetically modified animals are halal, provided that: The animal is included in the category of ma’kul al-lahm (type of animal whose meat is halal for consumption); useful; and not harmful
  4. Genetically modified products in food, medicine, and cosmetics are halal on the condition that: Beneficial; not harmful; and the source of origin of genes in genetically modified products is not derived from haram.

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Source: MUI No. 35 Year 2013 on Genetic Engineering and its Products

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