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Products and / or ingredients that must be subjected to laboratory tests

Assalamu’alaikum Sobat Halal-Mu

The following is a list of certain products and / or ingredients that are subject to laboratory testing

  1. Products that contain alcohol
  2. Processed slaughtered animal meat products.
  3. Restaurant / catering / kitchen menus that use meat ingredients from slaughtered animals (except chicken meat) or processed slaughtered animal meat ingredients that have been repackaged / relabeled / physically processed by suppliers who do not have a halal certificate.
  4. Restaurant/catering/kitchen menus that use seasonings from slaughtered animals that have been repackaged/ relabeled/physically processed by suppliers that do not yet have a halal certificate.
  5. Seasoning products that use animal ingredients such as meat, bones, and skin.
  6. Animal-derived products (other than meat).
  7. Products that use gelatin (including from fish) as raw material/additive.
  8. Products that use gelatin as an auxiliary ingredient
  9. Drugs / supplements that use capsule shells from animal ingredients that are repackaged / relabeled by suppliers who do not yet have a halal certificate.
  10. Cosmetics containing animal placenta extract.
  11. Enzyme products from animal sources.
  12. Products that use enzymes from animal sources as raw materials or additives).
  13. Products that use enzymes from animal sources as auxiliary materials).
  14. Cosmetic products and election inks that do not have waterproof claims, such as waterproof claims: waterproof, water resistant, sweat proof, etc.
  15. Consumer goods that use animal ingredients.


  1. Testing is carried out in a laboratory that has been accredited by SNI ISO / IEC 17025: 2017 in accordance with the scope of testing.
  2. Sampling is carried out by the Halal Inspection Agency of the final product and / or raw materials listed in the table (attached) in accordance with the applicable sampling reference.
  3. If the sample taken is in the form of material, the sample is taken from each alternative material manufacturer.
  4. In the case of processed meat products, if the samples taken are products, the samples are taken from representatives of products that have different production processes. If the product has not been produced or there are no stocks/samples left, then as long as there are products that use animal ingredients from the same producer and are produced in the same facility, the laboratory analysis can be represented by these products.
  5. For processed meat products, if the sample is a product in the development registration that does not use new ingredients, no testing is required.
  6. The test results must be included in the Halal Examining Agency audit report submitted to the MUI Fatwa Commission Session.
  7. If at the MUI Fatwa Commission Session there are no test results for the required products or ingredients, then the application can be rejected by the MUI Fatwa Commission Session until the test results are available.

Hopefully it will be useful.

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