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Botox Injection for Beauty & Care. Is it okay?

Assalamu’alaikum Sobat Halal-Mu

Currently, botox injections as a result of the development of medical technology for beauty and care are widely practiced by the public with a variety of purposes, tools used, and the effects caused. In practice, botox injections can be carried out for the sake of beauty and care.

The words of Allah SWT include:

“Indeed We have created man in the best possible form”. (QS. Al-Tin [95]: 4) “Who made everything He created in the best possible way and Who began the creation of man from the ground”. (QS. al-Sajdah [32]: 7)

According to Dr. dr. Prasetyadi Mawardi, Sp.KK(K), FINSDV, FAADV, Vice Chairman of Education and Profession of the Indonesian Society of Dermatologists (PERDOSKI), dr. Lilik Norawati, Sp.KK, FINSDV, FAADV, Executive Board of the Indonesian Cosmetic Dermatology Study Group (KSDKI), and Dr. dr. Dian Andriani R. D., Sp.KK, M.Biomed (AAM), MARS, FINSDV Executive Board of the Indonesian Cosmetic Dermatology Study Group (KSDKI); Botulinum Toxin or botox is a neurotoxin (protein) produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum that can cause temporary paralysis of the muscles.

Botox injection is one of the anti-aging procedures. Botox injections are done to eliminate or minimize the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging. In addition, botox injections are also useful for treatment, including: improving asymmetrical facial contours (eyebrows and forehead), overcoming excessive sweating (in the armpits, palms, and soles of the feet), treating scarring, treating redness of the skin on the face, treating oily skin on the face, treating neuromuscular diseases such as myasthenia gravis and Lambert-Eaton-Rooke syndrome, and other types of diseases.

Botox injections use a toxin from a bacterium called Clostridium botulinum. The ingredients are from microbes grown on media in gelatin from chapters and there is also hyaluronic acid mostly produced from recombinant (non-animal) microbes.

The time it takes for botox to take effect varies from person to person. In general, the effects are visible within a few days, and will last for approximately 3-6 months.

Laws of Botox for Beauty and Care

  1. Botox injections used for beauty and treatments such as overcoming wrinkles by tightening muscles on the face, improving asymmetrical facial contours (eyebrows and forehead), improving scarring, overcoming redness of the skin on the face, and oily skin on the face are permissible under the following conditions: not for purposes that are contrary to Shari’ah; using halal and pure materials; the action taken is guaranteed to be safe; does not cause harm, either to self, others, or the environment; and environment; and carried out by experts who are competent and trustworthy.
  2. Botox injections that result in harm (dlarar), deception (tadlis), dependence (idman), or things that are forbidden are haram, saddan li al-dzari’ah.

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Source: MUI Fatwa Number 21 of 2020

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