What are the requirements for sacrificial animals, how to distribute them and when to slaughter them?

Assalamu’alaikum Sobat Halal-Mu

Approaching Eid al-Adha, also known as Lebaran Haji, many people flock to buy animals to be sacrificed. Sacrifice is indeed one of the recommended practices for Muslims.

Before buying sacrificial animals, first understand the requirements of sacrificial animals, the distribution provisions and the time of slaughter!

Requirements of animals that can be sacrificed

  1. The type of sacrificial animal must be livestock, which includes livestock such as camels, cows, goats or sheep. These types of animals have been mentioned in the hadith and practiced by the Prophet Muhammad. Animals other than those mentioned are not valid for sacrifice.
  2. The age of the animal must reach the minimum age determined by Sharia and be suitable for sacrifice, namely: a. Camels, at least five years old and entering their sixth year. b. Cattle must be at least two years old and in their third year. c. Goats, at least one year old and entering their second year. d. Sheep, at least six months old and entering the seventh month.
  3. The physical condition of the sacrificial animals must be healthy, not deformed and not diseased.

Terms of Distribution of Sacrificial Animal Meat

A goat or sheep is intended for one person, while camels, cows and buffaloes are intended for seven people.

Time of Slaughtering the Sacrificial Animal

The time of slaughtering the sacrificial animals must be done at a predetermined time, which starts after the sun reaches the height of a spear or after the Eid al-Adha prayer (10 Zulhijah) until sunset on 13 Zulhijah.

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Source: Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia Denpasar Office

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