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“Cloud Kitchen” The Trend of Today’s Kitchen that Must be Halal Certified

Assalamu’alaikum Sobat Halal-Mu

Have you ever heard the phrase Cloud Kitchen? Or have you ever bought food and drinks that only serve delivery orders?

Cloud Kitchen or virtual kitchen or ghost kitchen is a food business system that only offers delivery order services and does not serve dine in.

Cloud Kitchen has begun to mushroom in the culinary world since Covid-19, because it is an alternative for catering service businesses and food sellers with relatively less risk.

But Sobat, how is the protection for Muslim consumers in terms of halalness?

Make sure Cloud Kitchen is free from consumption of haram goods due to shared use. Cloud kitchen is also a facility that provides food, so it is the same as a restaurant. The concept of a kitchen like this still has to take care of and pocket a halal certificate.

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