Muhammadiyah Donates 10 Million for West Pasaman Earthquake Victims

The earthquake disaster in West Pasaman Regency, West Sumatra has aroused the empathy of the big family of SD Muhammadiyah Kottabarat Surakarta Special Program to carry out humanitarian actions.

Simultaneously with the momentum of the 22nd Anniversary series of activities, Muhammadiyah Elementary School Kottabarat Surakarta Special Program conducted a fundraising through the “Kencleng Heaven” program.

This activity succeeded in raising humanitarian funds amounting to 23 million rupiah. Of the collected funds, 13 million was distributed for social services distributing groceries to residents around the school, while 10 million was distributed for earthquake victims in West Pasaman, through Lazismu Solo, Tuesday (15/3).

Agus Supardi, the activity coordinator, revealed that “Kencleng Heaven” is actually a routine activity carried out by all school members.

Through this activity, all students, teachers and education staff collect infaq every day through their respective cans or kencleng, the proceeds of which will periodically be distributed through Lazismu Solo for humanitarian activities.

“When there is a disaster, the kenleng money will be used to help victims of natural disasters, such as the earthquake that occurred in West Pasaman recently,” he said.

Agus added that the “Kencleng Surga” program is a synergy with Lazismu Solo. Through this program, SD Muhammadiyah Special Program Kottabarat Surakarta actively participates in various humanitarian activities.

“Hopefully this effort can provide benefits for humanity,” he concluded.

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