Muhammadiyah’s Commitment Regarding Indonesianness

JAKARTA – General Secretary of the Central Leadership (PP) Muhammadiyah Abdul Mu’ti said that the 48th Muhammadiyah ‘Aisyiyah Pre-Muktamar Seminar series was held as part of an effort to get input and big ideas in the context of preparing the Muhammadiyah ‘Aisyiyah Congress program and in the interests of which is broader, namely providing contributions of thought in the context of public life, nationality and universal humanity.

This was conveyed by Abdul Mu’ti in the Pre-Conference Seminar with the theme “Reconstruction of the Indonesian Constitutional System” at Muhammadiyah University, Jakarta, Wednesday (16/3).

According to Mu’ti, the themes raised in this pre-conference seminar are very relevant to the current state of the country. Mu’ti said the theme raised shows how Muhammadiyah is committed to Indonesianism.

“I think Prof. Jimly (one of the speakers) still remembers that in 2015, before the 2011-2015 Muhammadiyah Congress in Makassar, Muhammadiyah was very concerned with national issues. “There are official Muhammadiyah documents relating to humanity and nationality which we formulated as part of Muhammadiyah’s contribution to thinking for a more progressive Indonesia,” said Mu’ti.

It is said that Mu’ti still remembers how Muhammadiyah formulated how to revitalize the vision and character of the nation, which was the decision of the tanwir in Lampung. “Then we talked about what I thought was very fundamental, namely the Tanwir session in Samarinda where Muhammadiyah formulated a plan to build a progressive Indonesia. Indeed, Muhammadiyah saw several symptoms related to the Indonesian state administration,” he said.

“There are symptoms of distortion, deviation, and what is very visible is stagnation, so we discuss a lot about our electoral system or we talk about the system in bicameral quotation marks between the DPR and DPD or perhaps the presidential system is now also part of our constitutional system which turns out to be in its implementation there are many notes and many other ideas that have developed in our constitutional system. “Including several laws regarding regional autonomy, election laws, state institutions and various state issues, Muhammadiyah is part of the Indonesian nation which is very concerned with these issues,” explained Mu’ti.

Therefore, personally and on behalf of PP Muhammadiyah, Mu’ti expressed his gratitude to the Chancellor and UMJ staff who have been strategic partners in organizing this seminar.

“Thank you also to all the speakers, all of whom are scholars whose knowledge leaves no doubt and no hesitation and then when we conveyed this to the committee and SC as well as media partners who have been an important part of organizing the pre-conference seminar,” he said.

The Muhammadiyah Central Leadership plans that each seminar held will be recorded in one book. “If, for example, this is completed on time, I hope, before the Congress, there will be a launch of at least 48 books compiling the results of this Congress’ seminar,” he concluded.

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