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Why should cat food be Halal Certified?

Assalamu’alaikum Sobat Halal-Mu

Are you a cat lover and have a cat at home? Have you paid attention to the halalness of the food you give to your cat?

Let’s see why cat food should be halal!

Cats are animals that are friendly and close to humans. Cats can sleep and move anywhere, especially in places that are often occupied by humans. Not infrequently cats also lick, bite the human body as well as humans kiss, touch the cat’s body and directly touch the cat’s food.

Here’s why cat food needs to be certified halal:

  1. Cat food can contain unclean ingredients that if humans touch it, it will be contaminated by these unclean ingredients. Cat food not only uses fish ingredients, but in the process of making the food also mixes additional ingredients such as animal protein, vitamins, amino acids and so on.
  2. Regarding storage, the cat food should not be mixed with the same place or container belonging to humans. It should not be in the same refrigerator, it should be with a separate refrigerator. Also with the washing of cat-owned items must be separate from human-owned items.
  3. The halalness of cat food does not mean that it can be consumed by humans. The halalness of the food is certainly thayyiban or good for cats, not humans.

Hope this helps.

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