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Purification of Production Equipment Affected by Mutawassithah Najis (Moderate Najis) With Other Than Water

Assalamu’alaikum Sobat Halal-Mu

Mutawassithah uncleanliness is moderate uncleanliness, which is uncleanliness caused by coming into contact with unclean items other than mukhaffafah uncleanliness (unclean urine of male babies before the age of two who only consume breast milk), and mughallazhah uncleanliness (unclean pigs, dogs or their derivatives).

Production equipment is all equipment that comes into direct contact with product materials which, if washed with water, can be damaged.

Reaffirming MUI fatwa number 4 of 2003 which reads: “a piece of equipment may not be used interchangeably between pork and non-pork products even though it has gone through a washing process”.

In principle, the washing of an object, including production equipment, that is exposed to mutawassithah najis (moderate najis) is done by using water. Washing Production Equipment Affected by Mutawassithah Najis (Moderate Najis) With Other Than Water.

Then what if the production equipment is made of Iron or Steel?

Production equipment (machinery) used to produce a halal product, in practice it may also be used to produce other products made from unclean and/or haram materials so that the production equipment becomes mutanajjis (affected by unclean). If washed using water, it will damage the product or damage the tool, while washing can use materials other than water that can remove unclean properties.

Based on the 2011 Fatwa of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) concerning the Purification of Production Equipment Affected by Najis Wutawassithah (Moderate Najis) With Other Than Water:

Production equipment made of hard objects that do not absorb impurities (tasyarub), such as iron or steel, if exposed to mutawassithah impurity (moderate impurity), if purified using water will damage the equipment and/or the production process, then it can be purified using other than water, as long as the item is pure and the traces of impurity in the form of smell, taste and color have disappeared.

A production tool may be used alternately between halal products and non-halal products affected by najis mutawassithah if before the production process is carried out.

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