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The Halal Industry and the Role of LPH-KHT Muhammadiyah in Supporting the Halal Industry

On Friday 27 May 2022, Muhammadiyah University of Surabaya held the Launching of the Muhammadiyah University Surabaya Halal Center as well as a Training of Trainer (ToT) Companion for Halal Product Process which was held offline. This activity was attended by a series of presenters who are competent in their fields. One of them is the Main Director of the Thayyiban Halal Inspection and Halal Study Institute (LPH-KHT) Muhammadiyah Central Leadership Prof. Ir. M. Nadratuzzaman Hosen, MS, M.Ec., Ph.D.

In this event Prof. Ir. M. Nadratuzzaman Hosen, MS, M.Ec., Ph.D delivered material related to “The Role of Muhammadiyah in the Indonesian Halal Industry”. Muhammadiyah has a business charity in the fields of Education, Health with many PKU clinics and Hospitals, also in the Economics sector such as BMT and BPRS which all touch, relate to and support the halal industry, both as halal producers and halal consumers. The Halalan Thayyiban Halal Inspection Institute-KHT (LPH-KHT) Muhammadiyah was accredited by BPJP on April 12, 2022. LPH-KHT Muhammadiyah plays a role in supporting the halal industry, both under the BPJPH scheme and the Halal Pledge scheme.

One of the roles of LPH-KHT Muhammadiyah with the BPJPH scheme is to build and develop halal study centers (HALAL CENTER PT MU) as reliable and trusted providers of halal information. With the Halal Pledge scheme, it is possible to develop a Halal Product Assurance Scheme and Sanitation Hygiene for (ultra) micro small business actors, which is sustainable through the assistance of HC PTM, namely the Muhammadiyah Halal Pledge. The Halal pledge program is a solution for small ultra-micro-micro businesses that have limited access and facilities.

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