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Be Careful! This is the Law of Cosmetic Products Containing Alcohol/Ethanol

Assalamu’alaikum Sobat Halal-Mu

Cosmetics have become one of the needs of humans in general, especially ladies. Cosmetic products and brands have mushroomed in various marketplaces and we can easily find them in stores in every city and mall.

Based on the Fatwa of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Number 11 of 2018, what is meant by cosmetics is a material or mixture of materials used to clean, maintain, improve appearance and change appearance, used by applying, sticking, splashing or spraying.

Khamr is any intoxicating drink, whether from grapes or others, whether cooked or not. While Alcohol is ethyl alcohol or ethanol, a chemical compound with the formula (C2H50H).

What is the Function of Alcohol in Cosmetic Products?

The function of alcohol or ethanol in cosmetics is used as raw materials, additives, and auxiliary materials. Chemically, alcohol does not only consist of ethanol but also includes other compounds, such as methanol, propanol, butanol and so on. However, ethanol is widely used for the production of food products, medicines and cosmetics. Ethanol or ethyl alcohol is known by the trade name alcohol.

What is the Law?

The law of cosmetic products containing alcohol or ethanol according to MUI Fatwa Number 11 of 2018 are:

1. Cosmetic products containing khamr are unclean and their use is prohibited.

2. The use of alcohol or ethanol in cosmetic products is not limited as long as the ethanol used does not come from the khamr industry (whether it is the result of a chemical process ‘from petrochemicals’ or the result of a non khamr fermentation industry) and is not medically harmful.

Let’s ensure the purity and halalness of the cosmetic products we use. Hopefully it will be useful.

Halal is Our Need, Our Quality and Our Choice!

Source: MUI Fatwa Number 11 of 2018.

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